Global Spoke Card Exchange

Hey everyone,
I am trying to start up a global spoke card exchange.
Here’s how it goes:
Mail me a spoke card.
I’ll mail you one back at random.
Please include some postage in the envelope so I can mail it back.
Please have them mailed sometime before Friday, December 12th.
Check back with the site. I am going to post pictures of each spoke card I get.
Depending on the turnout, I’ll post a new date and do the whole thing over again.
I am trying to get people involved from around the globe.

Please help spread the word.
Thanks alot,
Matt Koscica

SPUD, GEORGE and WORMZ sitting on rocking chairs on the front porch of a Southern-style farmhouse. SPUD has a corncob pipe, and WORMZ is muttering something about ‘Hawking Radiation’

SPUD; I remember, back in the day, when a spokecard used to be an indication of what races you had been a part in, and used to be a sign of respect, as the young whippersnappers looked up the the old men of the street, with a plethora of spokecards bristling from ones back wheel.

GEORGE; Nowdays it seems as though anyone with a Kinko’s account and a spare 5 minutes in Photoshop can knock up wondrous creations with no trouble at all!

WORMZ; People just aint who they used to be, hey?

GEORGE; Wanna buy some shoes?


ANDY RAY and RON standing in a dark city alleyway, late at night. Andy is scratching his arms vigorously

ANDY; Wanna buy some spokecards man?

RON; Well as I see it, you…

CREDITS ROLL as RON continues to tell a story about how all his spokecards got stolen from outside E55 one night.

…from the upcoming Paramount feature ‘Only The Good Break Frames’…

I’m starting a Global Frame Exchange program.
You send me your frame and I’ll post a pic of it on the interwebz. NJS & vintage Italian frames preferred.
Then I’ll send you a random frame in return. I have a heap of old, hard garbage, Repco’s in the garage that the missus has told me I have to shift.
So get mailing fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

Spud has a gift.

He knew exactly what I was thinking.

Did laugh though.

Spud, now on trial for murder by lolz…

You better watch it or `el rat just might read that while having a recess from his child porn trawling …

Wanna hang out george? …



still no love?

Anytime mate, I just didn’t think you wanted to make it public (especially the dwarf thing). :wink: