Glove recommendations?

I have Giro’s and Castellis. Both minimal and comfy. Castellis in particular have lasted a long time without much visible wear.

I bought some Knog gloves that I gave to one of my sons - too lumpy like another poster said. I use some that are about $14 on ebay and come in yellow, orange or blue, all with black. Very comfortable padding and last me about 10000km of commuting each set. They have loops for taking them off quickly too - good if going into shops. The ebay seller is sweatcentral. I’m just about to buy a couple more pair for one of my sons and myself. I’ve tried a few other brands too but these have been my favourites.

I wear Seal Skinz Ultra Grip gloves. not fingerless but they are thin enough to be able to open a bag etc. super grippy, warm as toast, picked them up in the UK from Evans cycles (i think they’re online too) but I’m sure you can probly get them here too.

My new fav’s for the cold, very comfy plus nice on the face when wiping crap off nose, lips :stuck_out_tongue:


double 90s extravaganza!

if only they said “thermonuclear protection” like that sticker i had on my schoolbag.

I’ve been using these for a few years now and they’re awesome for keeping the wind out.
Even double as pipe gloves at the snow. Fox Thermal Paw, made for mx but do a real nice job.

+1 on the fox mx gloves…

I use the dirt paws in winter for the full finger stezzz
they are robust and only $29… I think they are made stronger than fox cycle gloves… And half the price…

Have knog finger-less gloves, they have lasted well but look shabby ( knogs workman ship is a bit rough ) and they stink!!! Washing em dosn’t seem to fix em…

My favorate gloves at the moment are my black campy TGS gloves…
Comfy, and seem to be lasting well.

I had a pair of fox short finger/long thumb gloves in the late 90s that were almost indestructible. they lasted a good 7-8 years with lots of use.

my specializeds are good but i suspect wont last as long.

Last year I wore Fox full finger XC gloves for winter. I got them for $29 from that Giant selling shop on Elizabeth street, I can never remember the name of it.
They didn’t have any air holes, so you didnt get the big breeze onto your knuckles like your do with Pawtectors and other Fox gloves.
Went the full winter without stinking. The only issue I had is the fingers were a bit loose, but I think that has more to do with my skinny fingers, not the actual glove.

+1 on the KNOG gloves nice designs too.

I use these in the winter, keep the hands warm and have suede palms for grip. Very little stretching and cost only $20.
Knog gloves have the sizing messed up and they usually stretch a full size over time, and the velcro leaves a lot to be desired.