so i need new gloves, and i wanted to get some of the 5 bling gloves that josh ng makes but tried getting on to his website and it wouldnt work for me
any one know where you can buy these gloves?
or recomend some other full finger gloves for racing track and road?


and i did a search looked 2 pages back and couldn’t see any threads DEVOTED to gloves so here one is, haters gonna hate

Wiggle | Castelli Lightness Full Finger Glove - 2011 Winter Gloves

I have the previous model, I think theyre much the same. Ive used them alot, nothing I could critisize them for.

golf gloves for track, if you want particular track gloves. no shit. calloway or something. a lot of folks use them. i tend to just use road gloves on the track - you come to appreciate the extra padding at lap 90 of a 100 lap motorpace.

specialized for road. i’ve had about 6 pairs now. comfy as hell.

if you’re looking for winter gloves, the ones with ‘deflect’ (whatever that is) are good.

or you could just put washing up gloves on over your regular gloves. nothing will be more waterproof. i’ve seen it done!

Short finger, so just for reference: I have a pair of these: Wiggle | Sugoi RS Short Finger Cycling Glove Short Finger Gloves

They’re shit. Very comfortable, but build quality = not good. Stitching is coming apart after two weeks, nice material in between fingers is unravelling, top of hand material is getting ripped apart by velcro on messenger bag and jacket cuffs. Highly not recommended.

and going on the short finger bandwagon i know at little pricey at $80 but i just got the rahpa pro gloves (the non leather ones) and damn they’re comfy.

For long do you want gel pads or anything? I’ve noticed a few stores around melbourne at the moment have some good sales on, saw a set of cannondale full fingers for $35 that looked the goods, no frills but not as chunky as most long fingered gloves i’ve come across.
And i know people on FOA to snad by specialized defeets.

Rapha pro team glove is ace that’s been my every day glove this winter!
Survey11 will get you 15% off any order too! Buy Pro Team Gloves | Rapha

Those are on the menu, but probably not until next year, link to the survey? i’m in the market for some of their kit.

I personally love oakley factory gloves, they are cheap, you wear them out then cut the fingers off for summer.

And they look rad.

Na SURVEY11 is the 15% discount code.
The new pro team kit is really nice and way more tech than their other stuff the jumper is totally my favorite right now…
The pro team mitts are so good all the guys i ride with In the mornings have em… I have a black and a white pair…
Orders over $150 are shipped free and dhl is very fast!!

pretty sure i saw some at shifter

Is anything like this worth considering? Carbon Fiber Armor Leather Fingerless Racing Glove - LeatherBull(Free U.S. Shipping): Clothing

Ahhh, thanks heaps sugarkane!

Yup thanx from me too, base layer 3 pack on it’s way for $136!

Did you get the v neck ones they are my favorite item this winter I wear em to work and every thing!

Got 2x sleeveless and 1x shortsleeve regular neck, sick of sweating it out at work too and then getting cold!

nice i love the merino in winter some times every thing i’m wearing other than jeans is merino, i have 10 pairs of deMarchi merino socks i wear every day all year round…

At $18 you can’t beat these DeFeet gloves!
DeFeet DuraGloves (Prendas Custom Version) by DeFeet - Prendas Ciclismo

There’s always the Prendas at <$25 too
Prendas Super Roubaix Gloves - Prendas Ciclismo

I’ve had a few pairs of the sugois. I wouldn’t say they were shit, I haven’t ever had any stitching failure but the synthetics on the palms don’t last, especially if they get wet. I keep buying them because I find 'em super comfy and grippy but you’re right they’re not durable. Sort of like the Veloflex Record of gloves, IMO.

oh and gene, if you’re still desperate, i’ll give you josiah’s number next time i see you.