Well heres my new ride, which is pretty much the same as my old one BUT a new frame. Based on an SE draft (yes i know how heavy they are and such but it was $160)
Ive dubbed it the Glownago after its colouring and the fact that it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Whacked on some home made risers, glowing Oury Grips, a cheap ebay rear and my aerospoke ( hate all you like, i like them, they remind me of my bmx tuff days). Other than that, its a stock draft. Its a fun weekend ride, and coz im a wikipedia law obeyer, ive included a lil sticker for you guys.
rock and/or roll

Obligatory slack chain comment.

Nice lilac highlights.

I threw-up on my computer just now.

haha, looks hilarious! how does it look at night time?

Did you spray the crankset and everything purple yourself or buy the parts?

yeah i did all the painting myself, I know its not going to be to everyones taste, but i dig its ugliness, its like a british bull dog, you either love them or hate them.
it looks bad ass at nighttime after a good “charging” under the lights, ill attempt to get a pic of it.

Add the obligatory “get some toe clips” comment to the list…

Good work otherwise!

more like a bulldog that’s been eating porridge

that’s harsh. I like porridge :wink:

Whether or not people like it, no one can deny that it’s original, and that counts for something in my book.

Love to see a night time photo.

Are they the original SE forks? They kinda ruin it for me, like to see something tighter and more agressive. I like the colours…just not where you put them :stuck_out_tongue: Love to see the forks match the frame, the components all black and paint the arrospok!! :sunglasses: