Gluton Free Beer

Anyone drink gluton free beer?

What’s your favourite, and do you drink it by choice, or would rather drink something else.

I’m asking because we are looking at GF f&b options where I work.

doesn’t really answer your question but the ginger beers like two wives, crabbies etc would be gluten-free, wouldn’t they?

Haven’t had, but Silly Yak (geddit?)

do what my gf does and drink too much wine instead. seems to work.

Ginger beer is generally still brewed with malted barley so most likely no.

The beers on this page are all great examples of GF brewing done well: Beer

I’ve done a couple of GF beers myself, those who were at Octokeg last year would have tried one of them.

Quite honestly gluten free limits the styles of beer you can make, but when done well is quite drinkable. For the same cost as a slab of O’Briens I can get something that I would rate much higher though so personally I wouldn’t be buying it, other than grabbing the odd single to see how well the brewer had made it.

I’m on the hunt for glutton-free beer myself.

Tried fucken heaps of em

Mrs parmers in the city has a couple, like most gluten free stuff it tastes the same but the texture/density is different.

Most people that drink it are either celiacs (my girl) or hipsters on a fad diet.

I’m not wheat / gluten intolerant myself, however my old man has started on “Obriens Pale Ale”. It’s got a nice sweet crisp flavour. Definately give them a go if you have coeliac.

Crabbies & Matso’s claim to be GF (based on fermented ginger rather than being a ginger-infused lager or somesuch). Haven’t had matso’s, crabbies is a bit on the sweet side IMO but I don’t mind it with ice and/or a squeeze of lemon to cut it a bit. Two wives is the duck’s guts.

Most likely using cane sugar then.


Lean Machine – The Gluten Free Sport Recovery Beer?

i hear there are a few gluttons on here, so i’m interested to hear more.

Wait, there’s a glut on free beer and nobody told me?

You can get a gut on free beer?

This is the bet one I’ve tasted:

"Estrella Damm: Daura

Unlike most gluten-free beers, Spain’s Daura is made with barley malt. The brewery uses a proprietary technique to remove gluten from barley malt (the amount of gluten is below the allowable threshold), meaning Daura taste close to the real thing. The light, bubbly beer gently smells of sweet toasted grains, with a bit of bitterness on the back end."

For most celiacs there is no allowable thresholds.

Gluten intolerance/IBS maybe.