go fast, turn left colnago version

I’ve wanted a colnago track bike for almost as long as i’ve had a colnago.
This was on ebay a month ago and i was outbid. it was then relisted and i forgot to bid, but then it was relisted again again with a BIN option. pulled the trigger expecting it to be a cm too long (i had a backup plan who’d buy it off me if it didn’t fit), but pulled it out of the box and it’s a 56, which is perfect.

When i got it had a miche bb and a 600ex headset, but i pulled both and fitted an old athena thing i had sitting about.

it’s had a very small ding filled in on the top tube, but its been done nicely (hence the missing paint)

unsure how i’ll build it still, it is hard to tell what year it’s from so that makes it confusing.
I like the look of the frame even with its cosmetic issues so i’m undecided about resprays.

but yeah. tis awesome.

I like it.

It’s taken you this long???

Looking forward to build, wall hanger or plan to ride?

Colnagos get ridden, silly aero bikes don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I was one of the many watching this with no need to buy. Good job.

plz ignore slack chain


when you joining the tues night race crew?

I would like a turn on this bike.


fuggin sweet.

Can’t beat Colnago Pista anglez/proportions. Ernesto had the recipe down.

So much steeeeeeeeez!

Real nice


Aced it.

clubbed it out of the park

turning this into a pun thread is a big call… nah go

Stunner. I want a blue bike again.


very sexy bike!