Go Here for Powdercoating in Brisbane

Hey guys,

Had a really good experience with powdercoating i recently got done. Thought i might pass it on to you guys.

[b]Unicoatings - www.unicoatings.com.au
14b, 366 Bilsen Rd, Geebung - (07) 3865 5858

Ask for Chris.[/b]

In my opinion they are cheap and the work i got done was amazing.
I got my profile cranks + chainring in Gloss Black & Bars stripped back ang done in Gloss White for $60. They didnt blast by bars they use a acid dip which is much much much less abrasive then just straight up htting it with the sand blaster. Which is a really good option for bike frames! The powdercoat is pretty thin aswell. If you ever saw that blue bike with silver fleck paintjob that erik sold a month ago, thats the stuff they can do.

Most places wanna hit you with minimum charge for each colour and even more for blasting.

Turn around time was a week, but they are pretty flat out in there warehouse. Well worth the wait though. My new bike will be done this wek soemtime so if you see me check out the cranks and see how well they came up! :slight_smile:



Anyone had stuff powedercoated by northside? They did my frame and I was less than happy with the results. They somehow got runs/drips on the top tube on the first attempt, and then it was still dodgy round the lugs the second attempt… so maybe avoid them. it was $110 for cranks stem and frame, with sandblasting…

I’ve just booked in a ladies frame and it’ll cost about $120 (includes hot acid bath, somethign else, powdercoat)

I’ll let you know how it all turns out.