Go Nick!


What a truly epic achievement.

And one of the finest individuals ever to have lived!

indeed, it really turned out a lot more epic then i was expecting it to be. amazing. also, having to pay import duties on the boat sucks.

An on water welcome needs to be organised when he comes into Melbourne.

How much room do you have in your yacht?

Me and someone else :smiley:

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Nick but his story is nothing short of incredible.

He should write a book, sell the screenplay and let the moola roll in.

Seriously inspiring.


i met him on a wed ride, he said he was sailing around the world, i thought he was joking!

Thank you gentlemen, very kind, very kind.

It has been rather epic. A friend asked me if this was a Greek Tragedy or a Greek Comedy. I’m not really sure which it is, but it’s one of the two, or both!

I’m stuck up here in Coffs Harbour, my boat is in customs control. Hopefully I can move on next week. I might only make it as far as Sydney though, as I have to sell the boat… Think of all the shiny hubs I’ll be able to afford.

If I do make it down to Melbourne, I’ll be heading into the Docklands marina. If you can’t all fit in Tristan’s Taser, I expect to see a few bikes on the dock when I arrive :wink:


congratulations Nick. thanks for providing inspiration through your action.
are you advertising the boat publically for sale?

cheers! yeah, boat is publicly for sale: http://www.bigoceans.com/the-boat/for-sale/


Epic indeed. Although I don’t quite get how you made it across North America.

As you’ll be back in Melbourne on Wed, will you front up for the Sat morn ride?

If you need a bike I can provide something in a 56-58cm.

I thought he only came back to take part in this Saturday’s brewery ride! If nothing else, he deserves a beer…

Choice :smiley: