going twenty six

Hey guys i want to make my bike 26 cause im sick of getting flats all the time and i want some more barspin clearance, whats the go with width?
i have some sunringle ditch witchs lying around im thinking od building up but are they to too wide?
Thanks Sam

How is 26" going to help with flats?

BUy a MTB…

26" feels safer imo, and much more cushion.
what frame do you have? it all depends on what size tires it can fit

edit: actually you have a scrambler right?
i think you can fit a 1.5 on your rear, or maybe a tiny bit less… like 1.25
i’m not sure about the rims though, but i think they should be fine
and on the front, run something a bit bigger than what you have on the back, like maybe a 1.75
im running 1.95 rear and 2.3 front

here’s how to alleviate your puncture situation:
Fixed Gears are out, Tireless is in. - YouTube

Yeah thats what i thought a nice little 1.75 fits great and with rns’ up front there is no worries, but yeah i got to get a new hub to lace up cause il build up a track thing with ma 43s thanks for the help. ill keep you up dated

and Bender i do ride mtb and i run double tires and get snake bikes heaps and for drops and gaps the stabitity will help heaps, oh my bikes fixed cause i i like riding fixed oh i have a bmx too.

most people who are running 26’s are using rims around 30-35mm width. mtx 33’s are popular and they are 33mm