Gold Coast hipster shops

I’m staying in Broadbeach next week and was wondering if there are any hipster-esque shops worth checking out (eg skateboarding / fixed / sneakers / etc) around there or close by.


sneak n destroy is a sneaker shop in broadbeach, to my knowledge no specialised fixed shop in gc

pm designjerk if you want more info

Level Three on Surfers Paradise Boulevard opposite the Chevron Renaissance!

Sneak and destroy and Level Three are the only decent sneaker shops around , Darkside is another shop in surfers with skate and some sneaker stuff ,

if you drop into sneak and destroy they sell a white little book with a city guide to boutique stores and cool cafes around the coast

Cheers, thanks.

Come to Brisbane.

We’ll be trying too.

on this, a mate went over a while back and returned with stories of a massive harbour town, is that true? and if so where is it located?

It’s out neat labrador. Good if you’d like some cheap Unit gear. Very GC…

Harbour town…
Corner Gold Coast Highway & Oxley Drive
Biggera Waters
Queensland 4216

Not at all hipster, but decent cheap shopping… lots of outlet stores.

+1 for harbourtown.

when I was over in QLD doing the flood clean up, i had to do a fair bit out work around the GC area keeping customers happy, and one of our customers is at the Harbourtown there… 1hr restaurant visit, 3 hour shopping spree ha ha way better than the harbourtown here in Perth and DFO/Birkenhead Point in Sydney. Walked out with a GPS under half price from JB HiFi!

Cheers for that, anyone recommend cheap good food or anything else I should be checking out while I’m there?

Watch out for the Unit / Tap Out douches about!

sneak n Destroy is worth a look at located at mermaid beach

is movieworld any good?

Last time i went to movieworld my old man slammed his finger in the door, while his finger was getting repaired I was offered a ride in the batcar i turned it down because I couldn’t be bothered to have that awkward conversation with the fake batman. it was the best birthday ever.

to answer your question, its pretty pricey and there are only about 4 goods rides the rest of it is mid 80’s garbage

This could be the best/most randon answer I have ever encountered.
But cheers, I’ll probably leave it.

I only really wanted to see if they sold the police academy tees from the show they do.

police academy show is no longer its a now bunch of evos doing circle work

I <3 Bennet

any good music/comic book stores?