Gold Sprints & other Spokes People Events

The gold sprints are being put on again this year by the Spokes People -

Post a photo on instagram and tag your rival with some shit-talking and #goldsprintstaunts to enter.

More events and dates here -

Should be at the gold sprints.
Would like to be at the hill climb but won’t be.
Yes Daniel, your bum does look big in these #goldsprintstaunts

Prob will head along to gold sprints, will say hi

Might contend the cargo title at the hill climb in the hopes that nobody else goes in it cos i’m not that fast

I’m open to be challenged in the gold sprints and hill climb on road or fixie. hmu on instagram @dow_jonez

I reckon fixed is easier on the hill climb - especially on a nice and stiff track bike.

might put an 18t on my disc and have a crack