I’ve gotten back into golf in the last few months, finally bringing my scores back into the low 90s…
If your interested in coaching I would keep an eye out on the coupon/deal websites, you can pick up cheap lessons that way. Its a good start at least.

I am surprised at the golf love on this forum…IMO golf is for middle aged cvnts (or aspiring) who work in industries that value avarice over personal satisfaction, who marry young wives, impregnate them to complete some sort of perceived social contract, and then do their best to avoid spending time with either their wives or children.

Thread dig.

So my wife has asked me to take up golf with her, being the supportive husband i am, id like to make this as enjoyable for her as possible, as id like for her to have an actual hobby.

Any golfers here that can give me some pointers for complete noobs?

best advice youve been given, best clubs for noobs to start off…etc?

we’ll be getting some beginner lessons but anything youd like to/can share would be appreciated.

This has everything you need to know

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No idea on anything golf related… But would assume that going to a driving range would be a good start to test clubs and things?

Sorry to hear that, Jase.

Keep your head down and keep your left arm straight…assuming you’re right handed.

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Na Adz, way better information can be found here

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I’m playing a bit. It’s fun! A lesson or two should get you started easily, then just play. Learn the difference about hitting with irons vs drivers etc

Jesus. There a golf thread now. Wow.

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Just got back from playing 18 holes of “Screen Golf” in Korea, apparently it’s the new karaoke…

SJ: Didn’t completely embarrass myself and sank a 15ft put