Hadn’t seen a golf thread yet.

Played for the first time ever last friday. Got bitten hard and played 4 times since and bought myself a set of clubs. Am hooked.

Anyone else play at all? Good places in melbourne to play?

Im addicted to the chance of learning something and how every games is different.

Stories or anything anyone else has about the good old game of golf…

Aggghhh kiss any spare time you had away,
I was a member up the coast for a while and love it.
Even flew down to melb to watch tiger play a few years back (the last time he won an event) pre marriage crisis.
My advice drive for show, put for dough.
If you want to get good go for a lesson or ten.
Do it now before you get adjusted to your bad habits.

I have clubs & used to play in Perth a bit, but since moving to Melbourne I’ve played once. partly due to not having a car, partly because good golf weather is also good riding weather!

moving to a new place tmrw opposite northcote golf course though, so I might play a little more soon…

Pretty much hit the nail on the head right there. I used to play the infernal game, bike riding and water pursuits took over but I quite like whacking a bucket of range balls now and again.

yo, i’m up.

occasionally me and my students walk down plenty road to the bundoora driving range. i have a standing bet with them: if all of them combined hit the bins more than me, i have to buy them all ice creams.

i’ve never had to buy them all ice creams.

but sometimes i do anyway.

Off Topic:

You sounds like an awesome teacher Brendan, it sounds like you really love what you do and have a good moral going on with them. My wife started teaching kinder this year, she was freaking out to begin with but now she is good. She has had a few tough years teaching, she lost a student in her first year due to an illness which has hit her pretty hard. Teachers don’t get enough respect for what they do, and the ones that go out of their way to give the kids a reason to go to school should be rewarded.

Anyway, golf:

I don’t really like it, but I do like a quick game of pitch n putt, have you got that down in Melbourne? Basically the longest hole would be just over 100m.

I’m sure her students appreciate her teaching kinder instead of meaner. :slight_smile:

I went to an engagement party at a pitch and putt last month, it was well in the burbs though.


waddaguy. we used to have a bus driver that bought the whole bus ice creams on hot days. he genuinely looked like otto from the simpsons.

awww, shucks.

my kids don’t tend to die. i’d imagine that would be pretty rough indeed. mine go to jail instead.

anyways, golf! i haven’t played a proper round in years, but i get the impression there’s going to be some healthy / unhealthy competition on the links prior to my brother’s wedding in a couple of weeks. uncles, siblings, dads… it’s going to be on.

Get down to Flinders or Ocean Grove. Admire the beautiful greens, challenging course and views as you walk over them to get to the surf.


(Bus driver story before golf talk)
My old high school bus driver used to buy everyone easter eggs 3 days before easter, as it increased his chances of getting eggs back from his passengers. The bus driver was also my Grandparents neighbour, so the weeks following easter I would have my Grandpa bragging about how many eggs he had been eating everytime he went to Brian’s to do farm related things. I thought it was a genius idea!

And golf.

I’m not into it, but my Dad is.

golf? its a good walk spoilt…

never got into it, but recovering lost balls and reselling them to the pro shop funded many a early teenage adventure.

i was also playing up near lakes entrance (NSW) when the Newcastle earth tremor hit… my brother was actually putting as the ground shook (i kid you not). we thought a plane must have crashed, or a large building demolished somewhere nearby to make the ground rumble.

Taking out frustrations on the driving range is therapeutic, but the game itself does nothing for me. I’d play just to wear the wacky clothes though!

tight, multi colored lycra not wacky enough??

did play some golf when i was in my mid teens. used to live 50m from the local course. handicap of 28 + left handed slice. probably haven’t played since 2003 or so. wouldn’t mind a game every now and then…

The one sport i cant wrap my head and body around. id like to think i can pick up most sports, but Golf just destroys me.

Not sure if its because im right handed but bat left handed, but i just cant get into it

i too had many teenage adventures trying to find my balls.

This and gambling

tsk tsk tsk
Next you will be a drinker.

Can’t be this, I do it too!!


my baseball coach is the opposite. he’s left handed, but plays golf right handed. hits off 12.