good buying?

Shimano Dynamo Light Front Wheel Upgrade Option

hey its not 650b but isn’t this a good price for hub alone…can’t find specs but all nexus are 6v 3w? will power just about anything with that.
heavier than upspec ones/son?

For $100 it’s perfect for commuting. Note it’s 26" only. Also, the light is probs shit, but that can be replaced.
I have the shimano LX hub with about 6000km on it and it’s going strong. I don’t know if the nexus is equal or lesser, but the body is pretty similar at a quick glance.

I’d suggest if you’re buying it for the hub alone that you’d be better off putting in a few extra bucks and getting the SP hub.


what avymtal said
LX hub has borazon bearing races, significant k’s on mine (estimate ~5000 could be way off either way) and still going strong.
it’s tricky to get at the DS bearing race on some of the shimano dyno hubs (LX definately) so you need good bearings, if this nexus has similarly hard to access bearings and non borazon races it wont live as long.

See also:

HB NX 32 (whihc i think is a nexus hub) has pretty crap drag compared to 3NXX series

according to super quick google LX hub on it’s own is ~$110 so unless i actually wanted a 26" wheel or the light is infact acceptable (and i didn’t already have more dyno lights than hubs) i’d just do that

it’s not 3n80/lx/xt/alfine spec, so it’ll be super draggy and much heavier.

it’s the wrong rim size.

the light looks pox.

false economy.

Get an SP SV-8 via your LBS/ebay and a Cyo premium light. or a

thanks all. thought as much.
making my own lights but hubs are a mystery to me.

No light you make will have the excellent beam shape of a b&m or schmidt though…

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