Good bye bike :(

It’s a sad day when you sell your favorite frame, though I think it was time to share the love and let someone else enjoy :slight_smile:



that does suck BTW nice frame.
what are building up now??

Well I scored some Soma track hubs, so I HAD to build a new bike around them… :slight_smile: Not sure yet, I’ve been pondering building a frame! Might get costly though :frowning:

That’s a nice bike. :slight_smile:

was… boooohooohoooo :cry:

That’s ok, I’m concocting a fancy new paint job for my next frame!

do you climb at the lactic factory by any chance?

Sure do, work there on occasion too. Sometimes there’s a blurry line between the two :slight_smile: At the moment you’d only see my part bike there (matt black and orange track frame with a lot of scratches…) :slight_smile:


I thought your were going ‘atom smashing’ in europe. Is that still on?

Yeah I got back last month, though I’ll be over there a couple of times this year. The equipment managed to shit itself so some of the stuff wasn’t so useful, though I did get to ride my little girls bike around the swiss villages :slight_smile:

We should have profile pictures on here so I know who I’m talking too! Maybe a picture of your grinning face, with a picture of your ride underneith, that could be cool!


You wouldn’t be suggesting user pics if you’d seen CraigC’s Shifters badge photo! :-o

Nothign wrong with performance art.

Well now you’ve GOTO show us ! :slight_smile:

you WILL regret that.

Haha, the suspense is kill me!

You think the suspense will kill you? Well you have been warned.


besides which, it wouldn’t really help you identify him. at least i hope not…

note to self. anything nick claims is NSFW, really is, NSFW. haha.


Toooo funny

Show your mumz everyone!

That pic is on my resume, I wonder why I can’t get work. (I have had some seedy movie offers though…something to do with ‘bareback’? ? ? ?)