Good, cheap saddles?

Hey everyone,

I’m just wondering what people are using for a good, relatively cheap saddle?
I use Selle Italia saddles on my ‘good’ bikes, but for my commuter fixie I just need something that’s strong, comfortable and good value. I’m not interested in low weight, but it has to be something new, ie not some 1970’s San Marco shit-kicker… suggestions? :mrgreen:

I won’t lie…

I bought a 30 dollar Malvern saddle for my commuter, not too heavy, nice comfy cushion and doesn’t look ridiculous

it depends.

All you can do is try different ones uintil you find something you like.

Fizik Arione, Rolls, San Marco Concor all work for me but I don’t think any of them are what you’d call cheap.

Here’s my two cents worth:

If this is a serious commuter (i.e. riding a fair distance everyday/regularly), I’d suggest getting something comfortable and not worry about the costs. Since you already know Selle Italia works for you, stick with it. I wouldn’t try to save money on the three contact points on a bike (i.e. pedals, saddle and handlebar/grips). If you ride regularly, going with something cheap rather than comfortable will get to you. At best, you’ll be annoyed. At worst, you’ll sustain some sort of injury.

If this is not a serious commuter, than ignore the above and go hunting in bargain bins. I think Abbotsford had a bunch of Selle Italia (or maybe knock offs) in a box for not much $$$.


Er, what part of ‘cheap’ don’t you understand snowflake? :evil:

But I agree with you & Des that if you commute regularly, you may as well spend the money and get something you’re happy with, rather than compromise. It’s funny how this rule seems to apply to most elements of cycling equipment.

Well, you already know that it’s a waste of money buying a ‘cheap’ saddle that isn’t comfy.

I did buy the Concor for ~$60. that cheap enough for you?

Ask Des where to get a San Marco Regal for cheap.

True true. I’d also like to know where to get a cheap Rolls?

Teh Interwebz

Pro Bike Kit


Although they seem to have raised their prices and removed the “best offer” function. I bought two from them for AUS$70 each including shipping and currency conversion charges.


There’s a guy on ebay that sells them for ~$70. You used to be able to get a rolls for that price in a shop but prices have increased significantly and they retail for about $100 to $110 now. So ebay is your best bet if you want new.


What’s ‘cheap’?

Rolls used to about AUD50 new everywhere but in the last year or so they seem to have become more expensive. I managed to get one recently on eBay that was sold as used but you can barely tell. Even that cost ~$55.

Hey Yimmy, you might want to spend another 30 dollar and put some pedals on that there commuter, I’ve heard it really helps!!!