Good Coffee in Hobart?

So I’m gonna be in Hobart for a few days.

It’s a few years since I’ve been there, so where are the best places for coffee these days in central Hobart?

I no longer drink coffee, but I used to drink HEAPS of it…
Pilgrim in Argyle Street, Kafe Kara in Liverpool, Cargo in Salamanca used to be OK too…
I’m sure someone else will pipe in with other recommendations, too.

Machine Laundry Cafe

This thread is relevant to my interests.

Snail will likely have some info too, if he’s not on a plane back from France.

You going to MONA while you’re there?

When I was growing up in Hobart, coffee at a cafe meant plunger! How things have changed…

Elizabeth St North Hobart, Salamanca area will all have something. Def worth visiting MONA, especially the poo machine

when i was in hobart at the start of june coffee ben recommended pilgrim, as mentioned by jm_1986.

never made it though and had a fairly average coffee at the salamanca markets.



No idea about coffee, but go have dinner at Garagistes while you’re there.

turn left at hobart, travel 733km north.

Tricycle cafe, near the galleries, at Salamanca was nice.

Oomph on Elizabeth in the CBD
Last time I was there, I was in love with it.

I was there in 2007… Hopefully they’re still in business.

I was there last week. MONA is great. Food and coffee there tops. I Hobart I really enjoyed pigeon hole in west Hobart. Environs in battery point, food great coffee ok. Jackson mcross also in battery point, great pastries and coffee.
I used this as a guide
Chomming Hobart – Tasmanian Food «

Tricycle is a motherfucker.
The bakery up the hill from there also is pretty good for ultimate pastry and coffee combo.
Make sure you get oysters from the floating fish markets.

Thanks for the leads. No coffee yet cos we got in later than expected. Had dinner at Ethos which was really good.

How do you guys ride fixed or SS here? Hills in every direction it seems. Lots of short steep hills.

Was there about 2ish weeks ago.

MONA is rad.
Machine Laundry in the back of Salamanca is great for coffee and also all day breaky. (you wont find really anywhere in Hobart ‘cbd’ that does a decent breakfast, esp on a Sunday.)
Pilgrim is pretty much the only coffee place in the cbd, and is rad. nice people and their brownies are AMAZING. They have the usual lunch stuff as well- wraps etc. No Breaky though.

For beer spots in CBD the Brunswick Hotel was ok for dinner but was a little fancy/wanky.
North Hobart (ie three or so blocks up from the city) has a couple of bars and seemed to be where most of the weekend night action is. The Alley Cat was a pretty good pub and seemed pretty chilled except they still charged us entry on Sat night even though all we wanted was a coupla beers in the front bar.

Salamanca gave me a bit of a Southbank vibe- overpriced, wanky and full of tourists. But hey, its seems to be where most of the restaurants are, some real good ones too

Also get out of Hobart and see some forests if you can, so rad.
At the very least check out Mount Wellington

I ride 64 gear inches from the other side of the bridge… 20k each way to and from work - Love hills - Guess I’m just used to it :slight_smile:

I can also vouch for Oomph as being great coffee - And, yep, they’re still in business!

Correct…Oomph was great. Tricycle was pretty good too.

Unfortunately Garagiste is closed this week.