good for potatoes

ugly conversion monster thing … just sell the potatoes and make some mulla

Fixie Bike with Aerospoke Wheels Dura Ace Royal | eBay


hit BIN

already gone. listed for all of 90 seconds

shhhiiittt that was quick … i regret buying now!

Mine, due to itchy trigger finger

The listing doesn’t give the frame size.
BrakeFree — Do you already know this bike, or did you take a punt that it will fit you, or did you buy it just for the parts?

I wouldn’t be caught dead riding this piece of shit

I’m going to give the frame to whoever wants it and use/sell the parts

Selling the cranks?

mate its clearly to resell the aerospokes

Probably, will wait till I get it and see condition of everything


score… double your money and then some

would be a shame to see you part this out

Its a bit dodgy though. I would have thought they’d have known, or at least seen, that those wheels were in the slightest fairly expensive. Why would they sell it for a quarter of what its worth?

bargain potatoes!

I love Internet sarcasm :smiley:

i will buy your front tater. $200

for your “mcpacman”?

Perhaps, I should probably wait till it arrives to make sure the bike actually exists and I’m not being trolled by some ebay fraud

I haven’t seen that word used since I was a kid!