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Tour de France champion Cadel Evans slams Brisbane drivers | Courier Mail

davegc Posted at 6:34 AM Today
my only complaint with the lycra cyclists is you can be admiring a well chiselled backside on the bike, only to pull up alongside and see it’s a bloke!!They should have to wear a M or F sticker on their lycra…it’s just not right.

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HA HA HA awesome

if i were a wizard i would cast a spell over the whole of australia so that anytime anyone spoke or typed the words “they should pay rego” they would explode immediately.

I would also add “self righteous cyclists” to the spell. So many The Age commenters would go boom

i would happily pay rego and i already follow the road rules - where do i sign up for the utopia?

I’m locking this now. There’s already too much of this crap lately and reading the comments only makes you stupider.