Good quality 1/8 freewheel?

I’m looking for a reasonable quality 1/8 16 tooth freewheel for my girl’s new setup. I bought a Shimano BMX freewheel off Wiggle, which was described as 1/8 but is actually 3/32.

I see on ebay that there is a bunch of ACS and Dicta brand ones. I don’t know anything about these, but they seem pretty cheap. Any recommendations on something pretty decent?

Please don’t bother telling me I should use the 3/32, I want the 1/8.

ACS are ok. Dicta are shit.

Personally I don’t care whether it’s 3/32 or 1/8. I use White Industries freewheels and can’t think of a reason to use anything else. But it depends on the kind of riding - WI can’t be beaten for weather sealing, durability & serviceability but they cost a lot more than others.

I found the ACS one I had was good but needed fairly regular cleaning.

Yeah the White Industries ones look sweet. Currently I’m setting her up with a 1/8 chain, chainring and fixed cog, and was hoping to get a good 1/8 freewheel to match. She will be riding freewheel mostly – so I want to match the chain with that ideally. The fixed cog is just my attempt at converting her!

Now I might think about buying a 3/32 chainring, fixed cog and chain and match it with a white industries freewheel :|. Any recommendations on a 3/32 chain (maybe I’ll do a search)?

conex make a really nice 3/32 chain for hub geared bikes can’t rem the name but I have been using one on my ss mtb for ages.

I have WI 16T and a V!Z 18T trials 3/32" freewheels, both are good.

SRAM make nice singlespeed 3/32" chains, I currently use their 8sp chain, no problems to date.

KMC also do some good 3/32" chains. I have used the nickel plated one and heaps of the basic 6sp ones sold as Huffys in KMart.

All come with connector links.

I’ve been running 1/8 chains on 3/32 WI freewheels for years. I don’t have any problems with it.

So where is the best place to get a WI freewheel? Looking for 16t. Ebay has it at $135. - USD95 with free shipping.

And always excellent service. USD95 might seem costly compared to Shimano or ACS but WI freewheels are flawless, IMO.

I ran a wi freewheel on my daily ride in london for 4 years we are talking 22mile daily comutes across all the worst crap that a road and rain can throw on a bike. I would clean the paws every now and again but it was still good enough to hand down to a mate when I changed ratio and bought another wi cog. They are good and worth the money and sound sick try Definitive Cyles for a price.

I use the SRAM 8 speed chains for 3/32 drive trains, it works a treat.

Any chance an 18 t freewheel from a Schwinn Madison will do? The chain is 1/8 so I’m guessing the freewheel will be too.
I’ve taken mine off so I can run a suicide config tall gear (I have a front brake) for tailwinds and solo track work.

I was after 16t, so 18t might be a bit big – and I’m now sold on the WI. But thanks anyway.

You won’t regret it :slight_smile: