good time wasting things on the internet

ill start
$0 | Clicking Bad

Art of the Title… :wink:


Wow I am gonna cook a lot of meth today…

Brings back memories of drug selling games on graphics calculators at high school

That’s just an updated Cookie Clicker

(just about to purchase a foreign diplomat for $33M)

cookie cutter kept me busy for a couple of weeks at work.
had to stop to restart the computer and managed to hold off restarting.

Shit. I have so much work to do today. That’s not happening now

Cheat codes rule.


I was up until 3am last night playing this, I’m three upgrades away from clocking it.

the only thing i can get is the methstar. and that only turned up after i refreshed the page

Nice one Lance


Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions

*nickj would like this, but i expect he already knows about it.

I LOVE SHIP TRACKER. Especially being in an office that looks over the bay.
Favorite thing is to find a picture of the ship, then send it to the guy who sits next to the window with the subject line “Have you seen my boat? I parked it over here, but now I can’t see it”
for some reason I think that’s hilarious. - Live flight tracker!

sames for planes, track your wiggle delivery flight in real time :stuck_out_tongue:

As for internet time wasting, I’ll admit that Russian dashcams and Uncoordinated people attempting Parkour have entertained me longer than I care to admit.