Hey guys, does anyone at this time have a google+ account? (the new Facebook)

I recently got invited and now have no friends on it and rapidly starting to invite people! They’re only allowing limited people to start using the “Google+ Project”, only those invited and only so many per day! It has taken me 2 days to get in from my invitation.

For those who don’t know about Google+ here’s a video;


For those who want an invite to Google+ PM me your email!

And for those already using Google+, what do you think? Facebook killer? is having google search, email, reader, docs, picasa, and your social network, all on one page the bees knees?

I’ll let everyone what I think after using it for a few days…

pm’d. :slight_smile:


Everyone on here must be in my “bike” circle !

great, another way for my mum to e-stalk me and tell me i’m full of the devil.

Yes, I started my Fixed Gear circle! It’s pretty nifty, no more family members getting my early morning, drunk and laying naked on the steps posts anymore…

You are the only one so far in my FG circle… haha

I want to be in the ‘epic bros’ group…anyone?

I can do it instead if you want.

im on it. if i know you already and i get time ill send you an invite.

i like the looks of it, but its less about what it offers and more about whether it will gather the required social momentum to get a decent foothold.

for me, google has come up with some pretty good technology (ive never really been blown away by facebook) and this has some interesting stuff going on.

im just not sure people are looking for a ‘new’ facebook yet…

i dunno, it gives me the shits on a fairly regular basis…

Sorry for bumping this, but I don’t think invites are necessary now, I just went to the google plus page not signed in, and it has a Join Now button! Let me know how this goes!

Facebook is going to die in the arse now.

Myspace was recently sold too, for about $30million less than what it was bought for.

I tried to join yesterday but its still invite only.

haha, no it was sold for $30 million. about $570 million less than murdoch paid for it :smiley:

anyone currently concerned about facebook privacy/storing personal information/data should be well and truly worried about google’s use of people’s information, given their propensity for scanning/keeping everyone’s gmail.

That shit is just mindblowing. At the time, everyone except uncle rupert knew he was buying a fucken donkey.

As for google and info: it’s pretty much unavoidable that they’re gonna know everything about everyone. Let’s just hope it’s only used for marketing not something more sinister.

Awesome, yet another way for Google to track my every move, and eventually swallow me up.


Simplest was to avoid your personal details being used by google/Facebook/etc is to not use them…

Until Larry and Sergei retire im fine with Google. they seem like good guys. im pretty concerned with with what happens after they leave though.

And yes if your really concerned aout privacy. dont use social networks.
Me, Apart from the kids tied up in my basement, im not all that concerned with my privacy, or facebook/google using my details.

Tongue was firmly in cheek guys. I’m aware abstinence is the best option here.

I don’t care about privacy and shit, I don’t do anything wrong, what are they gonna do? hit me up with targeted advertising? Hell yeah, I’m down for that.
Signing up nao