got a hole in my rim

so… is this still good? is the rim going to catastrophically fail or should i keep riding on it?

Wow. I can’t comment on it’s integrity but any idea how it happened?

Misleading title.

why? there is a hole in the rim…

ran over something, punched a hole through the tyre and into the rim

Unbelievable! I would have thought it would be okay with some kind of boot to stop your tube puncturing - but I’ll defer to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

confirm/deny: did you ride over a landmine?

Clean up any rough edges, fit a good rim strip of appropriate width, ride it.

It’s not that much worse than the access holes to the spoke nipples.


Hard to tell looking at the photo but looks like quite a brittle failure. As such there might be a few cracks radiating from the hole. If you cant see any cleaning up the edges of the hole should probably get any tiny ones you can’t see but i’d inspect it once in a while to check for cracking

I thought the resident material engineers would be talking about stress risers and crack failures for this one…

I’d only need this for a few weeks, just until I can sort out another wheel