Got film? (selling my old Camera gear)

Leica M6 body.

0.72x viewfinder?

^ Absolute design classic that M6

Yes, 0.72x viewfinder. Excellent+ condition, used only a little and always cared for.

Do any of these have USB outputs? Are they compatible with iPhoto?

I’m almost tempted, but I’m saving pennies for a 50 'lux. But if only my MP had an M6 winder…

No, they’re kinda like these :wink:


Given it’s a cycling forum, maybe you should have used this image:

or this one:

from here:
Framed Hetchins 1920’s record. - eBay (item 270707423918 end time Feb-26-11 06:36:21 PST)

Beautiful cameras by the way! I won’t be making an offer on them, though. I’m useless behind the lens and need a digital to save me from hundreds of dollars in processing out-of-focus shots.

There looks to be a Bessa L there which will sure as heck teach you to scale focus…

My excuse for not buying any gear right now is saving money for new furniture for our new house. You can’t exactly invite friends over to sit on a camera…

I hear you on the couch part - after 2 and 1/2 years of looking Mrs. Spirito and I finally agreed on the style/colour of a new couch. Yet to arrive. That was some saga.

The Voigt is a Bessa L and can only be used with scale focussing. Not hard to do with a 15mm and 25mm lens such as the depth of field is quite considerable. I actually used it a fair bit as it was simple, light and cheap enough not to sweat over. It’s hung out many cars, been used whilst on a skateboard and I’ve even taken it on a bike with me.

I have to say that as a Leica lover the stuff recently bought out by Voigtlander has made it so much easier and affordable, and indeed some of the Voigt stuff has also been world class.

Her you go Sir Kev … 1st gen. Leica digital. Fixed focal length and a wopping 1.5megapixel’s. I bought this when Digi-stuff was starting off … made a small fortune shooting bike parts for eBay. Had a lot of fun, took some OK pics too.

That’s more like it!

Now, if anyone’s still looking for lounges, I’ve got my bachelor pad set on eBay:

4 Piece Lounge Sofa Set - Vintage Retro Eames Era - eBay (item 280632941756 end time Feb-27-11 01:57:00 PST)

  1. Buy my lounges
  2. Get Mr Dylan to fix the three seater for mate’s rates
  3. ???
  4. Profit

They look great, very cool.

Hope they find the right home.

I’d love the Leica body! but I think switching to analog would be a tad uneconomic.

Scale focus goodness.

Voigtlander Bessa L
These make a great travel camera … Great glass, cheap, light, small, simple.