Got film? (selling my old Camera gear)

Seeming those knobs at Magnum Photos haven’t invited me and I’m not using any of my film gear I thought to give a heads up here if any of you are into this stuff. Hassleblad, Voigtlander, Leica … lots of doo-dad’s and pro-backpack with divider’s that’s designed to carry a laptop. No bargains, just well looked after kit. If you’re realistic then PM me and we’ll see if we can work a price that suits.

I prefer local to me (Sydney) as it’s much easier to grade and check out in person.

But, but…

Seriously though, that table spread looks quite erotic. It’s probably worth more than I want to spend, but I’ll PM you later today about your MF gear.

Haha … sometimes it pays to be difficult. :wink:

Spirito I’m on my iPhone and won’t have my lap top till tomorrow will m you then but seriously looking at that 120 box camera and your leica stuff don’t make any rash moves till we talk!

If you mean the hasselblad, it ain’t no holga or chinese plastic TLR!

Actually, disregard my first post. I’m now thinking your gear will be worth an order of magnitude more than what I was looking to pay.

Goes back to looking at Mamiya M645s and Bronica SQs

That’s an amazing collection, worth some serious clams… Nice. I clicked on the thread thinking it was going to be a bunch of Pentax K1000’s and some Holga’s… Pleasant surprise.

If you’re planning on buying the best piece of advice I can give you is to at least rent a few different systems for a day or so. Renting on a Friday is great as it gives you more time to get a feel for it. Camera’s are just equipment … tools. The most important factor is that it should “right” in your hands, that everything feels intuitive.

I’m not trying to sway you over to one system over another. They’re all good but they have to feel natural and you have to find what’s right for you. Price matters less than choosing the right camera for you. That way you’ll be concnetrating on the subject and not on what’s in your hands.

Get it in your hands, and play with it before you buy :wink:

Nice kit there, would love that leica but just bought a mamiya 645 super kit, So shell kill me.

I feel pain in my bank account just looking at this…
Pm sent about the hasslebald anyway

What model Leica is it out of interest?

Chrome M6. The last of the classics before they went all fancy with autoexposure and doo-dads. Near mint, and at this stage I’m selling just the body as I’m thinking to hold onto the lenses.

Shooting pics as we speak, Pm me for more details.

Will check Pm’s … here’s some pics get you juicy. Early 500c (all chrome trim) w/ 80mm f2.8 Zeiss Planar and A12 back (6x6)

So juicy… Trade you for my Linhof 5x4!

Pentax’s k1000’s are kinda cool (imo).

When I first returned to NYC I was mugged (thanksgiving day) and they stole my roll along which contained all my kit, and even more I had all my negs in there as well (no dupes). My world had just disappeared, as there was no way I could replicate any of those images I’d shot over the years and hadn’t as yet printed many of them as I didn’t have the $'s. I was devastated, broke and didn’t know where to begin again.

After a few gigs assisting I had a few hundred $'s and with encouragement from mates I bought a Pentax k1000 with a 50mm prime lens (student special) used from Larry at Adorama. That lowly camera helped me a lot, during a pretty tough time and I took many great pics. At the end of the day a camera is a tool and if you have a good eye, then whatever you use is fine. If however, you suck then no amount of fancy kit will help.

Beautiful camera. I used to use my dads one. Something about rangefinders- not the easiest, but a real pleasure to use.

I wasn’t dissing the K1000, I was merely saying it’s not particularly special… It was all akin to clicking on a ‘car for sale’ thread, expecting a Toyota Corolla, and finding a rare classic… :slight_smile:

Can’t do … but it’s tempting. Maybe I’m not too familiar or not sure of the spec of the Linhof (+lens?) but I’d expect it to be of more value than my Hasselblad as pictured?

In a perfect world I’d shot everything with an 8x10 monster and have minions carry all the gear and lights, and edit, scan copy, print everything whilst I played the rockstar photog. flirting with the chicks. Somehow that didn’t happen :frowning:

Seriously spirito, I can only imagine regret after selling that kind of gear, especially the M6. Can’t imagine Leica will make another film camera.

Perhaps a fair call but I regret even more than It’s sitting in a case and not being used. I haven’t felt the “urge” to shoot for quite a while, it up’s the home insurance a fair bit just having all this kit and I’m just trying to keep things simple, keep only what I’m using.

  • I wanna buy some different kinda toys :slight_smile: