got knocked off :/

I was riding with some friends down the bike track and there were these people walking towards us
i shouted out to them to move (we were was riding pretty fast) but they didnt and there was nowhere too turn except for the metel fence :confused:
it hurt heaps and they just walked of :mad:
far out

If you shouted at me to move i wouldn’t move either !! Call out rider or something similar instead.


Was it a shared path? I get cranky at peds clogging up dedicated cycle paths and consider them fair game for their lack of reading comprehension of the multiple signs that all say no pedestrians, cycle only, etc. But if it’s a shared path then as cyclists we have to give them right of way, and I have no problem in doing so. Think about how much we go on about cars not sharing the road with cyclists, we are no better if we get snarky at pedestrians on shared paths. I also consider how much of a start I still get when cars come incredibly close to me (<30cm) at high speed, now consider that you could be the car from the pedestrians point of view.

Yes it was inconsiderate of them to take up the entire path, also inconsiderate to fail to give you any space to pass them safely even after you had alerted them, mostly it is just poor form for anyone to walk away after someone has injured themself. But, it sounds like you were riding above your limit at the time and for that I hope you learned a lesson. Pedestrians are unpredictable at the best of times, ride as if they could do anything and you should be ok.

Rantmandan out…

Cool story bro. Heard of common sense?

Heard of NOBR AKES? Get with the program duder.

so you didn’t get knocked off by them, you crashed into a fence because you were riding too fast to stop?


So you were riding too fast to safely stop, on a path where you are required to give way to peds, and crashed into a fence as a result, and you think it’s the peds’ fault?

And your post has no point whatsoever? And you posted in the wrong forum.

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