Gotta love those Germans

First they gave a bike brand called “Fixie Inc; Cycles for Heroes”; and now they give us this: Schindlehauser…“And now its time to ride”

Sorry if its a repost and sorry, yeah, its really bad - don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Definately looks to be one of the better executed belt drive frames, at least at the dropouts.

I wonder what sort of tension/stretch/slack the belts can handle.

And what sort of gearing as well. If I pulled a skid at 90gi would it just shred? Or are they as strong as traditional chains.

i’ve seen plenty worse “edits” than this, its tacky, but looks good to me, very leaderish frame, belts are supposedly better than chains aren’t they? as far as longevity goes i think this is true, not sure about wear/stretch though, and i wouldn’t be pulling high speed skids, at least not on dry roads, wet marble floors like this guy. sweet as brah

Fixie Inc… Great frames, shit name. Their CX frame is very cool.


You know they have gone belly up

Do now! Shame.

No great surprise, they were way overpriced.

I reckon they would be just as strong if not stronger. Considering cars run timing belts at a hell of a lot higher rpm I’d say they would be fine. Shame they see like a good idea, just the cost of frames need to come down.

The run at higher rpm yes, but they don’t suddenly stop applying force in the opposite direction!!!

Even then it would not be enough. Belts are quit strong, there are motorbikes getting around that are belt driven.

Fat underpowered Harley’s ha anything with real power is chain driven :wink:

I’d love to give one a go, I suppose the only way to know is to try!!!