GPS data - clipping redundant bits

Anyone know of a way to clip redundant GPS data? Such as when you ride 3.71km and you think you’ve stopped the Garmin but it didn’t and you record 32 minutes of sitting still which affects a few things like average speed and power calculations?

For the raw data, as I understand you can download the gps file (gpx?) and treat it like a text file. Delete lines that show you sitting still. Save again. Upload to activity tracker website/tool.

But if it’s a strava ride, they have a way to trim start or end sections off rides on the website, but not on the mobile app. And it only does start/end, you can’t cut out a middle section.

Edit: Yep. So downloaded a file from strava for one of my rides. It’s the GPX (XML format), and has a “trkpt” for each time it saved a GPS reading. This include the latitude, longditude, timestamp, and elevation reading. Example output from file here: GPX - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Garmin *.fit file. Can convert to GPX via online and try this method, thanks.

Ahhh. Gotta love binary file formats… Conversion probably the only sensible option.