Graeme Obree is back doing his thing!/6131/return-of-the-flying-scotsman-inside-graeme-obree/

Looks like you a few fridays to late…

Still interesting though

A Swedish guy tried to pay homage to Obree by building something similar.


oh well, can’t win em all

Scott for some reason that link sent me to the Human Invent main page ?

Graeme Obree is an incredible individual and that video is great. Cheers.


Sorry just realised this is a repost.

Seems like a great bloke to me. You can see the fire in his eyes. And funny too.

People ask me what my biggest fear is, and it isn’t crashing this bike at 85 mph and losing skin – it is being 90 and thinking I should have done more. That is the bottom line… … … … … that’s what I do in the morning. After I’ve had my cup of coffee

Anyone else keen for a trip to Battle mountain for the HPV meet? I’ve always had it on my to do list.

Yup, I’d like to support a team there.