Gran Compe Wheelset

Has anyone had any experience with these?

Gran Compe Track & Fixie Wheels | Big Savings

Are they any good?


I’ve got those hubs built up to aeroheads and they’ve going 18months with no major issues, and I haven’t done any maintenance or cleaned all the usual road grit off them.
No idea about the rims or wheelbuild though.

Im pretty sure the hubs cost that alone, they’re better hubs than you’ll find on a velocity wheelset!

$112 each from kookie.
Kookie Bikes :: Hubs, Rims :: Gran Compe Track Hubs - silver

They’re good looking hubs too.

thanks guys they seem like a decent buy. Pity they’ve only got them in gold and white - was really looking for silver rims and hubs - any suggestions?