Grass Polo Garden Party Saturday 2nd October, 2010

fancy a spot of grass polo this saturday afternoon from 2pm?

rootbeer is wanting to rekindle his love of grass bike polo this saturday, so we’ve been talking about a grass polo day to be held near the hardcourt courts at Musgrave Park.

the theme is English Garden party, so if you fancy it, bring some Pimms (mmm delicious pimms), or wee cakes, or cucumber sandwiches, etc etc. and wear your Garden Party best (hats and dresses for ladies, collars for mens - this is obvs opitional)

Your regular polo bikes and mallets are fine :slight_smile:

Do it! It’ll be fun I promise! And Ale and Lager afterwards at archive)

hope to see you there!

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Sounds good, see ewes there

if i am having a speedy recovering, i’ll come down but chances a slim. sad face.

^can someone say “cortisone”??? all the cool kids do it

what happened J?

having sinus surgery thursday morning. so quite possibly going to be in a lot of discomfort for the few days following.

aw, i’m sorry to hear that, hope you have a speedy recovery. pimms will help :wink:

^and cortisone

do you mean the stuff they shove in your nose to stop chronic nose bleeds??? do you also advocate medicinal leech therapy?

see you there from 2

Erin, some peeps were spreading rumors that it was postponed to next week… but it is today obviously…

yeh, ruiners of my picnic… i’m not here next weekend…
anyway, this weather is rubbish. i’ve got heaps of sandwiches made, and heaps of pimms, so i am still going to hope for a bit of sunshine this afternoon. might play hardcourt since the grass will be wet…

ok so it’s a bit of a wash out after that last downpour. i’ll save the picnic food for throw ins tomorrow. pretty likely that the pimms will get drunk on my balcony from now. and if the sun comes out later, i’ll play throw ins with geordie, rootbeer, jamie, kristine et al. then archive.