Gravel Grind Sunday 20 July 2014.

#justaddgravel on Insta and view the green flyer.

Yes I’m in! get back from Italy that weekend.

Am a maybe, have been so sick I haven’t ridden for weeks.

Trying to decide to do it on my CX bike with 32c Challenge Grifo’s or my Cannondale with 25c Veloflex Masters and easier gearing.

I’d opt for steel and wider tyres Jolan. You may have to grind a bit harder up the climbs, but the short bits of gravel I have done on the caad have been a lot sketchier and harsher.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I haven’t ridden the CX bike for a few weeks either and it was get lonely.

So how many metres of climbing? This is during Rapha Rising, need to get all the metres I can.

EDIT: Just checked Instagram. ~1300m and 55k’s. Awesome.

Here’s some gravel riding inspiration.


Plus the 200 to the start.


EDIT: But I’ll be coming from my house, so probably not as much.

route map anywhere?

Justdave has one on his Strava. His username is Cannondave.

Tuesday June 10 gravel grind confirmed route on strava. Check via my profile. You on insta? Check #justaddgravel

Hopefully this cold that appeared yesterday fucks off before the end of the week.

I’m out. Had the last two days off sick with a cold and I still don’t feel 100%. Don’t think I’ll be healthy enough by Sunday.