Great cross/orienteering style vid/ride

Not really that ‘crossish’… but a really nicely shot vid of a big day on the bike in a multi stage road/offroad ride that captures the vibe well.

seen on tracko

Would love to do a ride like this! although I could imagine the organisational aspect would be more than a handlful.

That looked fun.
The way some people described riding a cross bike was really embarrassing however


Looks a lot like a TWBD ride :wink:
Ask angry about the organisational challenges…

Race aspect aside, this could be relatively easily replicated around here (in melbourne) - Stevie T has a 3 day ride coming up that looks like it covers similar kms and goes around the yarra valley/dandenongs.

I’d also guess that you could take some of angry’s TWBD routes and blend them into a mini-dirt tour that goes for 3 days using pubs to overnight. This is something i’d be interested in as well.

Or you could just do woods point :slight_smile:

Good to see dudes getting stoked about riding on dirt! Looks like wicked fun.

As for comparisons to TWBD, I choose anarchy over organisation. No entry fees, no race, no support etc. etc. Get rid of all that boring stuff and then all you have to do is make an awesome route and everyone can take care of themselves. Simple.

I’d be up for some multi-day action - one of the things that shits me with my rides is that they’re tied to Melbourne so there’s only so far you can go in one day and be back before dark. If there were multiple days though… get me a box of tissues, fire up google maps and lock the door!

Also Woods Point scares me…

this interests me a lot… I desperately need to escape the big smoke once semester is done, it’s doing my head in…

There is a ride I was considering about a year ago which had a pretty tough day from Maffra to Jamieson via Licola which has proven to be unsealed and not suited to skinny tires so I put the idea of the ride aside… but now I have my cross bike and it’s sounding a little more attractive on bigger tires.

what I’m thinking…

Day 1 - Early train to Bairnsdale, ride to Maffra - Stay at a family friends house
Day 2 - Early rise, Maffra to Jamieson (stay at Pub?)
Day 3 - Jamieson to Reefton (stay at Pub?) EDIT: could actually go across the top of lake Eildon and stay at Yea or Alexandra…
Day 4 - Haul ass home to Melbourne

What are your thoughts people?


It’s rad and all, but my favorite part is definately ~10:00, “Singlespeed ist Scheiße!”