Great Cycle Challenge

Dear internet friends,

This October I’ll be aiming to ride 800km to raise money to fight kid’s cancer. I usually do around 400km during an average month, so I’ve got to double it!

If you would like to support me by donating to a worthy cause, go here:

I’ll keep you updated on progress whether you like it or not.



Nice one. Good luck and I hope you can get lots of pledges!

Week 1 down.

Not the best start; wasn’t feeling all that great last week so had to force a few rides early on. Came right though so managed to get a click over 250km for the week which is ahead of schedule.

Thinking I might raise my target distance, but I’ll make an assessment at the half way point.

Financially things are looking good. My initial goal of $500 came and went so I’ve increased that to $750. Thanks to those who have already donated - I’m overwhelmed at people’s generosity.

Our team is sitting second nationally with over $8000 raised and 1700km ridden. Come on!

If you would like to support me and help fight kid’s cancer, click here: Great Cycle Challenge Australia - Riders

Even if you can spare a prawn or banjo it would be much appreciated.



second nationally?! holy moly. nice work pinzooooooo

So where are we at?

Week two down and we’re effectively at half way. Before this thing started I calculated I do roughly 400km in a normal month of commuting, so I decided to double it to set my target at 800km for the month. There was a voice in my head trying to get me to commit to 1000km, but I was hesistant - what if I got sick? What if I forgot to start the tracking app? So I left it at 800km. Yeah, happy with that.

So at this moment I’ve done 512km, and that voice is back telling me to up my goal to 1000km. The voice is going to win. The voice always wins.

Once again, can’t thank those who have donated enough - I really appreciate your support.

You can donate or even just keep track of my progress here: Great Cycle Challenge Australia - Riders


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Into the last week now and my new goal of 1000km for the month is within reach; currently a tick over 830km.

But even better than that, our team has raised $11 682 to fight kid’s cancer! Woo hoo!

We even got some sweet jerseys and caps made up so we’re looking our best while we clock up the k’s.

Thanks again to those who have donated, can’t thank you enough.

Last push now.


Well the good news is I ticked over 1000km for the month this morning!

The even better news is our team has raised $12 416 to fight kid’s cancer! Not to mention the over
$4 000 000 raised nationally. Come on!

Thanks once again (for the last time) to all those who have donated, it certainly helps the motivation when it’s raining, your arse is sore and the couch looks comfy.

It has been fun.



Nice one Pinzo

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