Great Cycle Challenge

Dear internet friends,

This October I’ll be aiming to ride 800km to raise money to fight kid’s cancer. I usually do around 400km during an average month, so I’ve got to double it!

If you would like to support me by donating to a worthy cause, go here:

I’ll keep you updated on progress whether you like it or not.



Nice one. Good luck and I hope you can get lots of pledges!

Week 1 down.

Not the best start; wasn’t feeling all that great last week so had to force a few rides early on. Came right though so managed to get a click over 250km for the week which is ahead of schedule.

Thinking I might raise my target distance, but I’ll make an assessment at the half way point.

Financially things are looking good. My initial goal of $500 came and went so I’ve increased that to $750. Thanks to those who have already donated - I’m overwhelmed at people’s generosity.

Our team is sitting second nationally with over $8000 raised and 1700km ridden. Come on!

If you would like to support me and help fight kid’s cancer, click here:

Even if you can spare a prawn or banjo it would be much appreciated.



second nationally?! holy moly. nice work pinzooooooo