Greg Lemond frame

Just picked up an old Greg Lemond lugged steel frame off ebay, and as far as my research goes Della Santa was responsible for the builds of the early lemonds before treck got a hold of the brand, it has columbus droupouts, but was wondering if anyone might know the specific tubing used? TSX or SLX maybe?

Here’s a link

GREG LEMOND BICYCLE FULL CAMPAGNOLO C-RECORD SUPER - eBay (item 250779135694 end time Feb-27-11 12:33:25 PST)

1stly, I don’t think this is in the right section …

I’m not super up to scratch on this but I think Lemond had a few frames from his early production stuff made in Europe (Italy?). Maybe even subcontracted out from the Bottecchia crew. That’s frame looks pretty standard Made in Italy for the era, and I don’t think Roland della Santa based in California (?) made this one.

Cool bike btw :wink:

Sorry, didn’t have much of an idea where to post this, I also read some suggesting Billato was responsible for early builds too, can’t and wont really be able to get to the bottom of that one, mostly just wondering if anyone knew what sort of tubing. And thanks, looking forward to it’s delivery.

Ah, that’s it. I think that’s your answer. When it’s with you I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to tell by the bottom bracket threading if it’s Italian made. Don’t know of any US custom builders who used anything but standard thread BB shells.

re: tubing - SLX, TSX etc will have helical spirals inside the fork steerer and on the lower portion of the seat tube. Easy to spot once stipped bare. With no tubing decal it’s pretty hard to guess what they’ve used. And for the most it doesn’t matter. Tubing decals are important for mass production manufacturers like Gitane, Raleigh etc because it’s suggest a certain standard of quality and a higher price point from lower spec. hi-ten steel models. Most custom builder’s mixed and matched to suit and many didn’t even bother with decals.

Here’s what the lovely guys at DS had to say FYI (love it when they have time to answer questions that wont lead to sales)

"Roland did make some of the earliest LeMond Pro frames. The version pictured
is newer than the DS frames, however. For reference, most of the DS versions
were pearl white with black/yellow decals.

Not that a bike with that paint job means that it is always a Della Santa,
as some were also made by Scapin or Bottecchia (nothing is ever easy, is

Thanks a heap Spirito.

i had a good look at it pre your bid Its a z replica SL, better than my cromor :wink:

You were looking to buy? Because i’m probably going to sell the frame, i just picked up an eddy corsa extra and i think i’ll strip it down and put it all on the eddy, i’m waiting to see it in the flesh then i’ll make my mind up if i can afford to keep it and which will ultimately get the c record.

Nah, Wrong size.

But if i can get Grant at Richmond cyclery to sell me the 92 TVT on his wall i would come up with the cash to add the correct groupo plus scott bars ect.

Until then i’ll be happy riding my replica in the rain in full Z team regalia. its good for that.

1 Roberto Billato.

2 Snail - That’s not Grant’s hanging on the wall, belings to an ex pro who raced alongside Armstrong’s.

3 out of 10 for the whack delta polishing job. very crude masking effort. Nice 1st gen crankset!

guess we did get to the bottom of that one, any particular feature/s that point that out? 3/10 is being nice IMO, hope my elbow grease can work some shine.

For future reference, this should be in help, which is where I’m sticking it.

to clean up the face plate cover the logo in clear adhesive

go around the outer edge of logo with a scalpel removing excess adhesive.

make up a solution of caustic soda and let fizz (WEAR GLOVES and DO NOT INHALE)

rinse thoroughly , remove adhesive, ano should come away easily and will polish by hand.

that’s what they would have done, but very poorly. Even when done well, it’s still whack. All or nothing I say.

ahhh i now remember that you told me this before “perm loan is very generous”, I did ask him while on his way home one night. his response was try catching me on a better day,

Now I’m thinking that he might have been referring to why he was riding slow :wink: being a former gun and all.

Here’s an original TSX

A bit high $ IMO but to me TSX’s look nice up close.

Maybe this was Robert Millar’s it’s very small.

Bicicletta da collezione Greg LeMond (eBay item 290539854413 end time 03-Mar-11 21:35:50 AEDST) : Collezionismo

green machine what size c-c is the frame? my merkcx might be a bit small for me and this looks just a tad larger, not that i have any money riht now but just thinking