grinding v's hand filing

i have decieded to do my first de-lugging and such of a frame, dint have a grinder( and would probably make a mess if i did) so hand filing was the only way.
What a bastard that idea turned out to be, but got there in the end. have done all the cableing lugs on the top tube and bottom bracket. with the gear braze ons and the de-railer hanger
which is the best to go. A. hack saw and file or
B. grinder and file;

any tips aboutj the above worried about weakining the frame( tange 1) ?

Grinder + file. Don’t hit the tubes, and don’t cross the beams. But sweep the leg though.


Do you have a hearing problem?

I ground my Bmx forks out from 10 to 14 mm and it took 3 hours and a mates help to get it done.

buy a grinder, its 100000000000000 times easier and if youre not a numb skull you wont cut into your frame. slow and steady does win the race…i mean ride.

i got a $20 grinder from bunnings for cutting axles and bars down, works a treat even though it probably wont last as long as a legit tradie one.

I like the pun about the filling being a bastard as most file profiles are called bastard.

The cheeper grinders are better for beginers. I have 3, 4" grinders for diferent jobs. I have a cheep Bosch one for fine work as it seems to have less torque, a cordless Dewalt for conveniece, and a another dewalt for concete and thick steel.

If i had to have only one it would be the $50 Bosch that came with a plethera of cutting and grinding discs.

Good luck with your grinding an make sure you practice on somthing that is not your frame.