Grip tips

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to help keep my oury grips secure.

I’ve tried hairspray, which worked for about half a ride. Any other ideas?


They should be secure without anything. Mine have been fitted for 12 months without any slippage EVER.

I used hairspray or similar to put the grips on.

spit worked for me like hairspray is supposed to, although I wouldn’t like to think of what the active ingredient is.

if you’re desperate, what about rubber cement/tubular glue/shoe goo etc?

bit a spit and few days to dry out, tight as. Used this on 2 sets of Oury grips. Used this way back in Oakley 3 days on the Mongoose BMX as well.

IMO the best way is to pop them on with a compressed air hose. Your LBS should do that for free as it takes less than a minute if they know what they’re doing - there are a few little tricks that facilitate the process. You don’t have to wait for anything to dry. Remove any residue from the bars/inside of the grips before hand.

Make sure that your bars and grips are clean and you shouldn’t need any glue at all. I put a tiny bit of spit on the bars to slide em on and within a day they were fine. They didnt move funtil I changed them 6months later. Id say do it in the afternoon and leave em overnight and they should be fine.

I think it was Captaincommunter on this forum that suggested putting the ourys through the dishwasher to clean them so that they will stick better?

puncture cement, then zip ties around them for few hours. They wont budge. When u wanna take em off shove an old spoke down there to break the bond. Works a treat.

small amount of hairspray

dont try and ride it for a couple of days, its not warm enough to dry overnight at the moment

This is hard to explain… but hopefully you get the drift:

Put 3 zip ties inside the grip, this should enable you to slide the grip on.
Then pull zip ties out.

Make sense?

Hairspray works everytime for me. MUST ensure the bars and inside grips are clean and dry first then a quick even spay inside the grips and slip them on.

should dry up nice and tight in a minute or 2

Yep, this is very effective.

nice tip I always used to spray the hairspray and then stuff a couple of screw drivers under the grip.

I have always had scrached bars :frowning:

I have always had scrached bars.

clean bars
spit(a little goes a long way)
some one here suggested microwave em (15sec) and they go real easyh with no spit.

by the sounds of it I didnt give them long enough to dry - cheers for the advice.

That 3 cable tie trick is a good one.

i put them in a pot of hot water they slip on like a …, takes to long to dry though

Hairspray then leave the bars in a hot car for a couple of days.

go find ur LBS to do it if u want scratches on ur handle bars.
i hate bsc.

I tried the hair spray thing as well.
Let them dry for the weekend.
Seemed pretty good.
Got halfway through the work day and they started coming off on a climb.
So I got some $2.50 superglue, rammed the tip under the grips and squeezed like a bastard.
For the outer ends I poked a couple of little holes with a tiny allen key and repeated the gluing process.

Dodgy and cheap solution.
But my grips have been holding strong for a few weeks now.
I suppose when I’m done with them it’ll be a bitch to cut them off.
But thats what dremels are for.

Hair spray didn’t work for me either - stuff just never seemed to dry. Or maybe I was too impatient. Mid climb I ended up pulling a grip off after the third time I’d tried hair spray. I used 3M spray adhesive after that and have never looked back, although I have a feeling I may regret it when it comes time to change grips…