group, bars, stem

A bit of shameless self promotion here… all starting at 99 cents.

[u]NOS Regina America 1992 Groupset[/u]
New Veloflex Record tyres

New Easton EC90 Stem

3ttt Pista handlebars

New X Box 360 :stuck_out_tongue:

Should’ve bumped up the starting price on the Xbox dude!

^ Whaddya mean? It’s an auction!

yeah should have bumped price on everything! i tried to sell some of my stuff recently at 0.99, markets down atm…sucks

Ok, then have a bid… if you win you can resell them for more!

Lovely groupset Stef.

Yeah, it’s shame to let that one go but I can’t bring myself to use it, yet I don’t like having things I don’t use! :slight_smile:

Regarding the EC90 Stem. Does the manual say if you can mount it upside down? I have one that I have had mounted upside down for some time (I don’t have the manual and tried contacting Easton with no success). At a recent bike fit was told to check up on it because most reversible stems have the graphics running both ways. I don’t want the damn thing to break in half on me! Any info appreciated. Good luck with the sale as well.

I’m 99% sure it can be run both ways, but I’ll check the manual tonight.

Seems as though on their high end stems (like the new EA90) they only have the logo one way - I guess they assume people using such an item only use them the one way.

I checked the manual - it doesn’t say anything about installing upside down, or installing the ‘right’ way up for that matter.

Ending today… still great value to be had, especially on stem, tyres and group.