Group Rides

I’d also like to be back near the city around that time to shower and get to uni. Also happy to peel off early.

I wouldn’t mind a 6.30 roll out. But not too fussed if the consensus is 6.30.

yep 6.30 meet for a 6.45 roll out at latest.

group should arrive back in the city 8 - 8.15 for a coffee before those with showers at work can go to work or people that need to get home can bail on post ride coffee.

Once we agree on a meeting place we can make this happen

i’ve never been in the city at 6.30am to know what coffee is open (not including still being in the city at 6.30am which is a whole different thing).

pfft. all these early morning rides… anyone want to do late night rides? wolfpack hustle style?

…I just got home from work…my jobs don’t dovetail very well with conventional group ride times

Sweet, let me know where you guys plan to stop for coffee after and if it’s in the CBD I’ll come meet you before work.
Some suggestions are:
Smallworld- cnr russell and lt collins
Brother Budan- lt bourke/eliz
Jungle Juice- centre place(although probably not so good with heaps of bikes)
Pushka- off lt collins in presgrave place

I like this idea a lot.

I’m also keen on an early morning ride, previous night’s sleep permitting.

I think I now have to be at work at 8am Tuesday morning for some team breakfast, but will still meet at 6.30am, introduce myself and tag along for the first 30 mins or so. Is there a meeting spot yet?

Don’t know of any cafes in the city open at 6.30am but the Brunettis off Lygon is open at that time.

Keen - don’t usually finish work till around 10pm so this could be perfecto if its still a go go.

yeah, anyone else? not planning anything regular atm, but can start a new thread for people to keep track of when people want to ride?

OK, basically coffee at 6.30 is probably not going to happen, so lets just catch one afterwards.

Lets meet at the State Library at 6.30am TUESDAY MORNINGS.

Good suggestions for coffee Simon, dunno about Smallworld… bit busy on that corner at that hour with all the suits.

another idea for coffee could be Liason at 22 Ridgway Pl, Melbourne (just off Lt Collins in between Spring and Exhibition) It’s nice and secluded and there is plenty of area for bikes/hanging out the front.

I’ll be there at 6:30am tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be a short ride for myself due to this Tuesday morning meeting which happens every two weeks. The other Tuesdays I’ll be up for whatever.

i’ll try.

new house/unpacking/cleaning old house is making me tired.


I’m in. See you tomorrow morning.

I will do my best to be there this week - pending the newborn baby that lives at my house letting me sleep tonight (which it didn’t last night).

cool, see you guys at the library

good ride.
fresh weather.

Yeah thanks guys - great ride where I learnt 2 things:

  • need to do more hills
  • need to get long fingered gloves

See you next week.

Very fresh weather.

See you next week.

ugh. has it come to that already?