GT gutterball

“SIZES w XS, S, M, L, XL
COLOR(S) x Origami White
FRAME a GT Gutterball Speed Metal double butted triple triangle frame, track ends with replaceable steel reinfoced plates
FORK b GT Baller street fork with alloy steerer, alloy blades”

From the GT site.Whatever Speed Metal is, other than a music genre? Could be either Steel or ally I spose

this is something that’s only likely to be done to alloy (soft) dropouts

Did read this on the site - lot of marketing wank and no real info.
The pics of the frame are clearly ally - welds far too big for steel.
Steel plates on track ends prolly not required on steel frame.

If there was a cromo double or triple butted frame I’d be interested and not plain gauge + hi-ten dross
that SE Bikes are famous for rolling out.

Fork is Baller :stuck_out_tongue:

In saying all that about a steel GT triple triangle - brushed alloy is the new black… #ontrend

pretty sure baum can make you a brushed Ti one if you ask nicely :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes they can. A season or two of racing first.

Pretty sure Speedmetal = their proprietary name for Aluminium.

E.g. ‘Specialized A1 Premium’ ‘Giant CU92’ yada yada.