GT gutterball

back to 2009, GT gutterball my first fixed gear bike. i build it up again, good ride indeed. :o

GT gutterball , Fork:Alpina

Crankset: sugino mighty 151BCD

Pedals:shimano sped

Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: 50t shimano njs, 17t victorie, HKK

Handlebars/Stem: thomson 4x 110,10/ 3T LTD 42cm

Saddle/Seatpost: fizik arione/ thomson masterpiece

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: FSA 488 carbon wheel/tufo s33

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire: 60mm carbon/gran compe 24h/tufo s33

i almost bought on of these, and probably will when i find one cheap enough to fuck around on/with

triple tri chunky tube is still on the hipster want list for me, along with a potato etc etc

Personally I don’t like it, no offence and no reason, just don’t like it.

Ok, I have to ask. Is your front wheel on backwards?

I’m sorry I hate to interrupt but I have exactly the same question.

Not when you’re riding backwards

If it is designed like a zipp 3000 then it is on the right way

You have a spinergy you don’t get an opinion.

I like it! Not quite as purposeful as the pro-shop built GTs with a bit less air space under the downtube, but big beefy triple tri frame does it for me.

Spotted this on hipstersled.tumblr my Planet X was on there too lol.

I had a tri spoke that was the same as this for my roadie.

Ditto that… I think the current incarnation of these is steel as opposed to Ally though??

I think it looks sweet. Nice bike!

it is on the right way, aero profile direction

Consider me suitably corrected.

Harry droppin’ the truth bombs.

update to FSA 488 carbon front wheel

…like. Reminds me of the GT Zaskar Lee I always wanted to have and never got in my Mountain Bike days.

Orly? Citation required.