GT Karakoram Clydesdale

Finished this up recently, finally fitting the guards and lights and taking it to Commuters Birthday party where it picked up a couple of crowd votes. I managed to take it out in its intended #soloshopper mode today and really enjoyed it. Super happy with how it’s turned out.

I custom painted the clydesdale fork as an homage to the original Inferno paintjob. Involved creating my own spray booth in the garage and taking it from the original black through a multitude of colours, white basecoat, fluro red, fluro orange, orange yellow, yellow, white dots and black splatter and multiple coats of clear gloss attempting to “match” the fade and age of the original paint. Couple of instagram posts here covers that process.

Some things I already had from previous bikes, like the Wald 139, custom Terra Rosa Gear bag and Jones bars from one iteration of the Wolverine.

Others were bits I had for ages, like the White Industries crankset picked up from Keith a while back.

And then there was the new stuff; SP SL-9 dyno, building a new front wheel with an Alienation BMX rim.

XT M8000 gearing and front brake, giving a 32 chainring to 11-46 cluster

The IQ-X tucks in nicely under the rack and the Secula Pus tucks in behind the seat post via a modified B&M CX mount.

And the crowning glory of a Crane Riten bell in gold, love that ring ring bling!

Next level Geoff

On the list of “Bikes built specifically to do stuff but also look rad”, this has gotta be right up near the top.


Pretty wild


I thought this would be the case with my clydesdale… now it’s the only bike i ride!

This is great!

This has been passed onto a new owner as of today, so there’s a good chance you’ll see it floating around Brunswick.