Guess who is moving to melbourne

I’ll give every one just one guess and every one has a chance to win a food date with the person whom is moving.
They will be there around New Years for an unknown period
May be 3 months may be 3 years


Do they even #Dayne ?


dinner with QLD’s most famous dreamboat (after #indofamousjjthoughobviously)

It’s the shiz. Great move.


this means one interstater needs to move out.
1 in 1 out rule.

sick man :slight_smile: looking forward to hanging more!


Hope it’s Kumo Keith. Fuggin love that guy!

Is it Captain Downtown?

Yeah pretty scary but should be fun well till it rains

but it doesn’t rain wen dayne is in town…

The rain on dayne is mainly on his chain

In ereford, artford and ampshire urricanes ardly ever appen.

Naaaw, shucks

na, its fine.

unless your moving to craigieburn or frankston or something