Guide to purchasing your first fixie!

Hey Guys

Well like many others at the moment, I am looking at getting myself a fixie, in addition to my road bike. Just looking for a general commuter, that is a decent quality and looks cool.

In order to help others start their search, I thought I would compile a listing of types of fixies that I am considering and everyone can share their comments accordingly.

For a budget around the $700 amount, these are the bikes I’ve come up with:

  1. Felt Brougham 2010
    Decent looking bike, well produced, decent pricepoint. Readily available too.

  2. Fuji Track
    Classic bike, vintage style frame, good platform, readily available.

  3. Cell Mallet 360
    Heard its more of a trick bike, but looks like a solid build. Is it suitable for everyday commuting?

  4. SE Lager
    Good platform.

  5. Custom Build - VISP/Wasabi Frame
    Final option, of being a custom build up from a VISP/Wasabi Frame. Mate of mine is willing to build this up for me, sourcing the parts etc. Allows customisation to your specifications.

What are peoples opinion on the VISP vs. Wasabi Frame?

What does everyone think?

dasffs, this topic has been covered over and over

search function, it’s your friend

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