Guitar refinishers - recommendations?

Got an urge to spruce up a scruffy CIJ Jaguar. Anybod got a recommendation for a refinisher? Must be a few musos on here. Thinking about a body repaint and other small cosmetic work.

my mate iain builds guitars, he may be able to help. @isdale_guitars on instagram, or pm me for his number.

Jereme Clingan in Collingwood.

I’ve been going to him for years now so I’m a fanboi.

I’ve never had refinishing done (only some electrical & mostly general once-over stuff when I’ve bought something new) but I’ve played his customs and he does great work. And he’s just around the corner from Casati’s.

I was gunna say “paging Snowflake”

Thanks chaps. Shall check in with Jereme and rOlly I’ll pm (cos I’m not on Insta, my kids won’t let me)