Gumtree randoms.

So I’m looking for a new place to live, and so have spent a bit of time trawling through dirty student share-houses on Gumtree - but it’s not all bad, because occasionally you find baffling stuff like this.

Need a Wingman | House & Flat Share | Gumtree Melbourne CBD

I feel bad for that dude. Just a little bit.

haha gold…someone linked me to the “missed connections” on treegums recently…creepy/funny read

He almost sounds like a genuinely nice guy.
But this is the internet.

i’ve been searching through craigslist in boston for a place to live…just flat out weird.
what i’ve found so far are

a semi-retired architect, the same age and my mum, also the same name.
a gay couple living in Chinatown with a son.
a Romanian, a Taiwanese, a Vietnamese and a Switz (neither in nor walking into a bar)
6 scams…4x professionals just moved to the Philippines (Oil expat, Engineer, Artist, questionable)
1x professional just moved to London
1x US Aid worker currently stationed in Louisiana

and finally just found a real lead.

and i’ve also found that writing an ad on those things is hard and weird. everyone sounds kind of like a freak.

You are the fencing, martini drinking, wingman of that guys dreams!

He should join this forum? he doesn’t say anything about hating beards so that’s cool…

With a name like Lewi, he kind of has it coming.

lewi is a shit name, but it would be hard to be any more straight up than that, then again, just get a dog, then again, i just moved to a new city and know what he’s thinking

Lewi and Chunx, friends forever

fucking random as!

Oh Brendan…

bike to be picked up | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Dutton Park

nothing suss

coffee fail

He must have left Huey and Dewey back up in Sydney.

why do people insist on using the term “Gays”?

A “Gay” is not a type of person, gay is what a person can be…

It’s like saying ‘autistic boy’ or ‘retarded cat’
It’s a ‘boy with autism’ or ‘stupid cat we should’ve let your sister-in-law take to the pound. Look at him, vomiting on my towel. I was gonna dry myself with that. Now what’m I gonna do? Sit in front of the heater? It’s 25 degrees’
Not pc. But people never are.
Plus, I’m sure I’ve heard you say ‘do a skid faggot!’ once :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but Brendan deleted that post and then told me off. Which is fair

someone should’ve told him that the Peel is a gay bar…

Just like when people refer to vinyl records as “vinyls”. They are records made from vinyl.