Gunnar Crosshair

Few quick snaps of the new Gunnar Crosshair

I put most of it together before working out I didn’t have a chaintool for the 11 speed chain so took it up to Saiint Cloud where Nick finished it off nicely for me.

Gears: Chorus 11speed, 12-29 Cassette
Cranks: Sugino 0X601D 46:30
Brakes: Tektro CR710:
Stem: Ricthey WCS
Seatpost: Deda Zero 100
Bars: Deda Zero 100
Tape: Depell
Wheels: From my commuter: Mavic A719 Rims, Front 3N80, Rear Hope Mono
Saddle from the shed.

I haven’t been able to sort out the canti squeal on the front so may need to get a Mini V.

Haven’t really put it through its paces yet but it feels lively.

Looks great! Always knew this was gunnar end up good.

You gunnar ride it on some dirt? Or just gunnar commute on it?

If these puns keep up I’m going to get cross.

Can’t see picks at work, gunnar have a look later, but sounds like a textbook awesome build.

P.S. - Did I see you yesterday crossing St Georges on the bike path?

Can’ti stop, don’t even wanna.

Wasn’t me Pete.

Right, that’s it Avy. Pretty sure you’re in Dalli’s Crosshairs now…

Ah yes, was this the one on eBay a couple of months ago? I’m glad someone on here got it, I was gunnar give it a go too.

Looks super!

Canti mount for the dynamo light just got delivered, so hopefully get to take it for a night ride soon.

Mouche, thats the one. Thanks again to Geoff for posting on ebay find thread.

No dramas mate, good to see it all made up pretty :slight_smile:

One of these for the fork crown?

Hopefully not this

If you are mounting to the canti stud, you can use the standard mount (with a slightly longer bolt maybe)

Yep 1st one, actually this one

Looks great.

About that canti squeal - what fixed mine was backing off the spring tension to be as light as possible. With the springs wound up it was quick to resonate as soon as the pads touched the rim. Also keeping the hanger low seemed to help.

That said, mini Vs, especially MiniMotos, are amazingly good.