H Plus Son Vs Velocity B43??

Keen on set of either of these rims, 32H with soma high flange sealed bearing hubs, wondering if anyone has any recommendations either way?? Experience, whatever. Keen for some feedback.


I got a set of b43’s. A mate has h+sons. They h+ are deffs lighter. I would go those if I were going to buy another deep section rim.

Sounds good, cheers

If you;re after GOLD drop into Gear today we’ve got a set of Eros that are new but going cheap. Sealed and bling. If you don’t like gold you should be able to fix that with your skills.

what type of bike are you planning to put one or the other on?

i got b43 and h+son formation face, i like the h+son better since its lighter…

Hey bender, cheers for the offer mate but I really want black with a factory quality powder coat finish. Thanx for confidence in me skillz but! Have been contemplating a serious come back tour for lokione, Brisbane streets should live in fear. lol.

Thomy, nah it’s not a trick bike mate just my street’a. But I do like to give it a hard time eh.

yeah go the H+sons. but, really, if your just planning on using it for every day street use… theres better wheels for that than H+sons. if your planing on buying eeros… theyre great for tricks. not too many wheels better than them within their price bracket. but theyre fairly heavy, as are b43s . If your just planning on using them for getting around, id go something lighter… more traditional.

I’ve got a set of H+ Plus with Soma high flange hubs - ben riding them for a year, about 2000km on Sydney roads - still straight, true and spin forever - would definitely recommend.

Thanx Treacle, this really seems to be a pretty one sided argument hey.

One sided maybe, but I haven’t owned a set of B43’s and there seem to be plenty of people riding them. You’re probably in a good position to be choosing between the two. That said the H+ are marginally lighter.

Buy mine :wink:

H+son no doubt.

b43s aren’t even good for tricking.

Markee bro, I love to have a look but I don’t have the permissions yet!! you can email me direct on duggy@graphicgarage.com.au if you like. You could also send a message to nexus and tell him to please give me the necessary permission…

Pics here Bike Parts - pnutz gallery - mug.shainsingh.com | SmugMug

Hey Markee, man apart from the scratch they look great. How much including postage to 4103 Brisbane QLD?

I want $650 for the wheelset (they cost over $1200 hand built by Dan @ Shifterbikes)

I’ve tried the Auspost calc and it says they’re to big so sent an inquiry through to Pack and Send or I could give you the dimensions and you could organise a courier from your end if you’re keen?

^ Smartsend | Interstate Courier Services | Delivery Quote | Ebay courier Service will be less than $30 i reckon

Cheers Ben. :wink:

About $50 for freight to QLD