Halal snack pack cheese must be melted, yes/no?

Picture this… you’re bloody starving and you like chips and meat and cheese… so you get yourself an HSP… open er up, and see that the cheese has not been melted, its just grated cheese on top of the meat.

Is there any way in this world/universe that this can be acceptable? Am I showing my ignorance of the way it really should be? I’d only had melted cheese versions before.

From tasting, my vote would definitely be YES.

Your thoughts?

Dunno, but I want one.

Wouldn’t the grated cheese melt being in close proximity to the meat? If the meat isn’t hot enough, well, that’s a new thread.

this post boggles my mind.

what’s the wait time on a HSP? how starving are you?? you want them to throw it in a microwave to melt the cheese, that you could’ve just waited another few mins for it to melt by itself???

The meat was not hot enough to melt the cheese on this occasion. Not saying it would be the case everytime, but even by the last few mouthfuls, the cheese was barely sweating. Wait time was around 5mins… would’ve been more than happy to make that 5:30 and have stringy cheese in there.

Also, I was pretty starving… not stomach-eating-its-own-lining starving, but i could feel my guts. Its not about me though, is it? IS IT? Its about the preparation of an HSP, no matter what kind of customer is on the other side of the counter.

write a letter to your local MP

Entirely This.

no place i know does any special post-prep cheese melt.

the shop has failed you by delivering sub-temp meat. simples. as per Pinzo, need new thread.

As long as it’s not Mrs Hanson

Very good.

Given he’s in Tassie, maybe avoid Lambie, too

TC: I’ve never had a HSP.

I’d write to Lambie and Hanson, this is a national outrage that should be talked about at the highest level. Maybe we need the ABS to run this quiz…

This is the knowledge I was after… So what you’ve seen in the past is piping hot meat coming off the stick, placed on/beside the chips but always on top of the meat, and the meat melts it itself? I had assumed a quick 10 second blast under a grill once assembled. I didn’t feel the glow of the elements-about-the-stick while in there… maybe meat temps were too low. I had chicken, too… Will report back in a couple of hours.

This is where they went wrong. Cheese goes in between the chips and meat, ensuring maximum cheese melt.


It goes: chips. Cheese. Meat. Sauces(3)

samsies, but when i saw meat/chips/cheese it reminded me of the Dominoes Poutine thing i tried last week.

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bloody helll… Good! I’m learning. You’re saying you mix up 3 sauces on top, Mike? I like a garlic and bbq combo.
And yeah, solving everything, always… i knew I came to the right place with my questions in 2005, and then again earlier today… questions change, ability to answer does not.

always the Holy Trinity of sauces.

i’d also suggest avoiding just chicken, and grab it mixed.

Order would be number one, then sauces. Chili sauce too for me. Otherwise it’s too sweet with just the BBQ. Or omit the BBQ completely if you’re into it. But can’t omit the garlic, no matter how hot the date is.

Noted. Am I 2/3s the way to the holy trinity?

yes. Chilli, Garlic and BBQ are classics. A thinned tahini/hummos is also goof

this thread has been derailed by the monstrosity posted by JaseyJase, ef me.